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Combination Windows

Combination windows are a type of window that combines different styles, such as casement, slider, or fixed windows, within a single frame. This allows for a customizable and versatile window option that can cater to different aesthetic and functional needs.

A combination  window is generally made up of a picture window and a functional window, although you can add any number of windows into the combination. You also have your choice of operation style so your window can open in the direction that works best for your space.

Combination windows, also known as dual or hybrid windows, are a type of window that combines two or more different window styles or functions in one unit. For example, a combination window may feature a fixed picture window alongside a sliding or double-hung window for ventilation.

Combination windows provide greater versatility and customization options, allowing homeowners to optimize their window design for their specific needs and preferences. They also promote energy efficiency and noise reduction by combining different materials, such as wood and vinyl, or incorporating insulated glass. Combination windows remain relevant today as they offer enhanced functionality, aesthetic appeal, and performance for modern homes and buildings.

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