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Georgian Bar Window

Georgian Bar Windows are a type of window design that features multiple small panes of glass separated by wooden or metal bars. This style was popular during the Georgian era (1714-1830) and is often seen in traditional and historic buildings.

Georgian bar windows and doors are such a popular style. They can be added almost any way that the customer would like them on their windows or doors. The can come inside or outside the glass depending on the customers preference.Modern Georgian bar windows do not hold individual panes of glass. Rather, they are set inside the sealed unit, so that they are inserted between the layers of glazing.

Through their clean, vertical and horizonal lines, Georgian bars create the aesthetic of traditional architecture, whilst bringing other benefits to your home.

Although the cost savings and the exterior effect of both Astragal and Georgian bars are similar, there is a major difference. Georgian bars fit inside the window’s sealed double-glazing unit. They fit between two glass panes meaning that the surface of the glass remains smooth and therefore, easier to clean.

Astragal bars, meanwhile, feature spacer Georgian bars inside the double-glazing unit as well as a set of external bars over the glazing unit itself. This gives the appearance of the window being separated up into smaller sections and makes it look more like an authentic period window. Since extra materials and additional work is required to fit Astragal bars, windows in this style have a higher cost than those which only feature Georgian bars.

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