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Sliding Window

A sliding window is one of the most common window styles available today and works well in many homes. Understanding what exactly a sliding window is, how it operates, and the pros and cons can help you choose if this window style is a good fit for your home.

A sliding window is a window that opens by sliding horizontally along a top and bottom track in the window frame. It is somewhat similar to a double-hung window, just turned on its side. Sliding windows are available in a few different configurations to choose from, based on what would be best for your home.

 There are different types of products and among them, sliding windows are an elegant, modern, practical and attractive solution. They are the ideal complement for large houses that want to look out onto views in a continuity of environments, but also for smaller houses where space needs to be optimised.

Sliding windows provide expansive views of the outdoors while improving air flow. Simply slide one side of the window open while the other side remains stationary. Horizontal sliding windows are a perfect choice for over kitchen sinks or areas where it’s harder to operate and life a vertical sash in a single or double hung window.

Slider windows are also a cost-effective and space-saving solution over casement windows. Unlike casement windows, sliding windows are ideal for use in rooms that face walkways or outdoor living areas as they don’t protrude from the wall when they’re opened.

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